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California history of the 1950's

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I am working on a short project for history and need to have straight-forward, brief responses to the following questions I will be using. My only source I am using for this part is the attachment I submitted here. My questions are as follows:

1) What caused the downfall and imprisonment of lobbyist Arthur Samish?

2) What policies did Governor Earl Warren support?

3) Which Hollywood personalities opposed the HUAC investigations?

4) What was the case of Tolman v. Underhill (1952)?

5) What popular fears did Nixon exploit in his campaigns of 1946 and 1950?

6) Before the election of 1958, the vast majority of office-holders in California were members of which political party?

7) What was the greatest achievement of Governor Edmund G. Brown?

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This is part of a study guide for California history. This section involves the original source as well as seven review questions regarding California history of the 1950's. Over 400 words of original text.

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1) What caused the downfall and imprisonment of lobbyist Arthur Samish?

It was discovered that he had essentially been buying political favors and votes through his control of the liquor and oil industries. However his downfall did not come from buying votes. It came from income tax evasion from which conviction he was forced to serve two years in a federal penitentiary.

2) What policies did Governor Earl Warren support?

He encouraged the reduction of taxes and retained a surplus of taxes in the state treasury to pay for improved highways and infrastructure. He also recommended a state health insurance plan which alarmed conservative Republicans and asked for an ...

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