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Bottom-up Perspective

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Traditionally, history is presented from a top-down perspective. That is, we see history through the eyes of leaders, the famous, and the well-known. However, Coming of Age in Mississippi presents history from the bottom-up. please explain to me, contrasting the two perspectives using examples from the Give Me Liberty and Coming of Age in Mississippi books (at least 600 words).

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Explains the use of bottom-up perspective in our history...

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Typically speaking when discussing history in America children are taught about the patriotic top-down perspective that highlights the virtues of democracy espoused by America's "founding" fathers This is because quite often history is presented from the prism of those in power or those who were in power during the historical events being detailed. The proverbial leaders, famous people, and well-known top-down perspective tout a patriotic "sacred" view of historical events only accentuating the good moral values of those in power. This is the general perspective taught in secondary schools wherein the students are taught the sacred view of their purported forefathers deeds that placed those deeds as well as those people in the best light possible without mentioning any of the conflicting downright hypocritical issues that also were apart of these forefathers history.

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