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    Analyzing Community Health Problems Within the US

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    Over the years there have been many breakthroughs that have advanced the health of people living in communities across the United States. On the other hand, it is obvious that there have been some stand stills and drawbacks that have prevented the advancement of community health for people during the course of those same years. However, no matter what, it is very obvious that if the people are healthy then in the end, this will mean healthy communities across the U.S..

    Please provide a thorough and complete contrast and comparison of the top five community health problems faced in the U.S. today with those faced 50 years ago.

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    Heart disease remains the number one killer of Americans today, which invariably makes it the top community health problem faced by individuals today. Heart disease can cause a number of detrimental effects within an individual, and the most notable of these are heart attacks and strokes. Both heart attacks and strokes are potentially fatal conditions, and are very prevalent among Americans today. 50 years ago, heart disease was probably even more common than it is today, due to the fact that there was less knowledge about the causes of heart disease, as well as the fact that there was less medical technology that was available to medical staff that would be helpful in detecting heart disease, and proactively treating it. So it is amazing that heart disease is still the number one killer of Americans despite the numerous technological advances in the last 50 years, and the unhealthy lifestyles and diets of individuals, are the major contributors to the drawbacks that keep heart disease a major detrimental health condition within communities ...