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Tort Reform - Who does it benefit?

Watch the Part 3 Tort Reform: The Solution or Punishment video. In your opinion, do you think Tort Reform will benefit the patients or the medical practitioners? How will this change effect medical institutions?


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The main argument that tort reform, as presented in the video, benefits patients, is that doctors (and health care professionals in general) will be less anxious and conservative about offering their services. With a cap in place for the amount of compensation, both insurers and their clients will likely find the risk of litigation an acceptable one. The increase in accessibility of services ultimately benefits patient care in the form of availability, approachability and accessibility. Ultimately, the less anxious a health care professional has to be about the financial consequences of being sued, the more likely they will be willing to offer their help in various ways, including offering more "high-risk" services and consultations.

The main argument that it benefits medical practitioners more than patients comes in the form ...

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The benefits of Tort Reform are examined.