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Three situations as a medical assistant

I describe three situations where the actions of a medical assistant were influenced by the assistant's personal ethics, organization, and communication.

Use all available resources including your personal experiences to complete the assignment.

Identify factors that influence the role of a medical assistant.

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First scenario: The smiling assistant
-Fred is a medical assistant in a busy cardiology office and he deals with people who are scared and confused every day. He sees it as his responsibility to not only gather the information that the doctor will need, but to make the patients comfortable. He always opens the door for his patients, smiles at them, and tries to find out about their life while he's taking their vital signs. This makes them more comfortable and more likely to give him the information that he needs. It also paves the way for the patient to have a good experience with the doctor. Additionally, if the patient needs tests in other parts of the building, Fred walks with them patiently instead ...

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Situations that show a medical assistant's personal ethics, organization, and communication.