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Evidence Refuting Hypothesis Testing

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1. Under what circumstances would it be useful to find evidence that refutes a hypothesis as to find evidence that supports it? Give an example.
2. Give an example of research that starts with the aim of finding evidence that refutes a hypothesis?

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One subject that has been very controversial the last few years is the role of vaccinations in the on-set of Autism in children. This is a really good example of an area where it is important to relay the facts whether they dispute the hypothesis or support it. This example could be used for both of your questions.

I think it's very important to remember, when doing research, that we need to let the facts speak. Sometimes researchers can be so set on ...

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This solutions provides a brief example of two topics where refuting or supporting a hypothesis could be very important. A few questions are asked to inspire critical thought on the topic.

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6. The manufacturer of a particular all-season tire claims that the tires last for 22,000 miles. After purchasing the tires you discover that yours did not last the full 22,000 miles. Suppose that a sample of 100 tires made by that manufactures lasted on average 21,819 miles with a sample standard deviation of 1,295 miles. Is there sufficient evidence to refute the manufacturer's claim that the tires last 22,000 miles? Let α = 0.05. Assume that the population standard deviation is σ= 1300.

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