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Medical Management Committees

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Identify at least two medical management committees within a Health Care Organization and explain their roles. How can medical management committees influence the process of health policymaking outside of their Health Care Organization's?

List some legal and ethical dilemmas to consider when creating new policies.

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Medical management committees are identified. How medical management committees influence the process of health policy making outside of their health care organization's are given.

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Management committees within a health care organization may include the Risk Management Team and the Executive Management Team. Both management teams play vital roles in the efficient and effective operations of the health care environment. However, the focus of these different teams is very different. The Risk Management Team plays the role of investigating, analyzing, and developing strategies to prevent critical incidents, as well as other conditions detrimental to the health of patients, the health and well being of employees, or the less than effective functioning of specific units. Medical management teams often are comprised of individuals with different sets of knowledge and skill sets, when combined, allow the team to consider different perspectives of issues the organization faces (Mitchell, 2012). The Executive Management Team plays the role of developing organization wide policy, developing strategies for success, and making decisions related to the financial and operational health of the entire organization.

The Risk Management team may consist of department directors, medical directors, legal staff or consultants, and unit managers. The Executive Management Team will be made up of the CEO, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Counsel ...

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