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Medical law and ethics by Bonnie Fregman

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Perform an Internet search to locate an article on the medical practice act and another article on the licensure of physicians in New York state. The articles should be at least 2-3 pages.

Read the articles and summarize the main points of each in a two page document. Compare this information to the information found in Chapter 3 of the textbook. Note similarities between the information in the text and the articles and identify any contrasting information as well. Be sure to include a citation including the web site, author, and other reference information in your report.

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The medical law and ethics by Bonnie Fregman are determined.

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All objectives of a healthcare delivery system can be subsumed under a single goal: to increase positive healthcare outcomes for the patient. There are indeed secondary objectives, however, analysis of these reveals that they are only important insofar as they promote positive healthcare outcomes for the patient.

Quality - The planning, design, and method of implementation of a health delivery system aims toward enhance quality of care for patients while also taking into account other necessary factors in healthcare system development. While cost, availability of resources, and infrastructure are considerations, they are always considered with reference to their positive or negative effect on quality.

Equity - Health care delivery systems are designed to reach as many members of the community as possible keeping in mind that quality must meet a certain standard and much be equal among patients.

Accountability - health care delivery systems strive to increase accountability and make clear accountable parties during a healthcare experience. Accountability in and of itself is a measure of quality.

Efficacy - Lastly, efficacy ensures that a quality healthcare system is sustainable and cost effective.

I. Medical Practice Act
Source: Post, Joseph. (1985) Professional Medical Conduct in New York State. ...

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