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    Medicare or Medicaid

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    Where would we be today without the introduction of Medicare or Medicaid?

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    Often, a good place to begin an assignment like this is to brainstorm ideas and questions that could help to address this question. Often a good place to begin is to look at the benefits and disadvantages of the present system (because these are the things that would not be in place if the programs had not been introduced).

    Where are we are right now with Medicare and Medicaid. In other words, what's in place now, that wasn't in place before it was introduced into legislature? What needs are being met that would not be met by these two programs? What would be the consequences of not having these needs met (i.e., what would be happening if there was not healthcare coverage for the needy? The needy children? The aging? People with disability, etc.)

    This gives us a good starting point as it provides a list of the things that would not be in place had Medicare or Medicaid not been introduced (i.e., no health coverage for the needy, the aging, the people with disability, the blind, etc.)

    Another potential area to consider is what was in place before it was introduced? How did the people get healthcare then? Or did they? How were things working then? Without the introduction, it could be the same as it was before it was introduced. This is unlikely, though, because there are usually some very pressing needs before programs such as Medicaid and Medicare are introduced (i.e., in an era of lobbying for equal rights for all, etc.), and things probably would be even worse off than before it was introduced, unless they had found another way to address the needs that provoked the legislature for these two healthcare programs. How would these needs have escalated? What would the potential consequences of not introducing the programs be? (i.e., increased poverty, increased crime, more needy children, hurting families, etc.)

    Let's do an Internet search using google search engine and the queries of "history of Medicare and Medicaid" first to attempt to address the following questions:

    What were the needs that initiated the introduction of Medicaid and Medicare? (See the history of Medicaid and Medicare listed in a timeline http://www.cms.hhs.gov/about/history/ssachr.asp).

    Do you think other means could have met these needs without introducing Medicare or Medicaid? The people who were needy were dying of disease, the aging were not getting proper health care and dying needlessly, etc. Is that okay? The opponents of equal rights did not think so, and lobbied for changed health care laws to help the needy ...

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