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    Loma Linda Disaster Plan

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    What type of disaster plan should organizations have in place? What are three specific events that an HIM professional should prepare to prevent? Think of the geographic location of Loma Linda Hospital in California along with other geographic statistics that would impact the disaster plan's design.

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    The city of Loma Linda is extremely vulnerable to many variety of hazards including fires, floods, and earthquakes. The type of disaster plan that this organization should have in place is that it should have a Fire Department that is ready for 911 medical and trauma emergencies cases. It should provides basic and advanced life support care that has highly trained and skilled paramedics and EMTs to each apparatus. The city of Loma Linda should be prepared for wild fire and fire in general. The residents of Loma Linda ...

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    Living in California can be very stressful because of the disasters that cannot be avoided in this state. California is an earthquake country that has had many unpredictable earthquakes in the last decade. It is critical to develop a safety plan to survive and recover from an earthquake.