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    Medicare and Medicaid

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    Discuss the evolution of Medicaid from its inception to present. Discuss some of the reasons behind the decision of many states to use managed care models of delivery for recipients of Medicaid?

    The evolution of Medicare over the last 40 years has been significant. Discuss the current economic and access challenges that current enrollees of Medicare must navigate.

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    Medicaid was created on July 30, 1965 through Title XIX of the Social Secuirty Act. All 50 states have their own Medicaid program whiele the federal centers for Medicaid Services monitors the state-run programs and establishes requirements for service delivery, quality, funding and eligibility standards.

    In 1967 the early and periodic screening, diagnostic, and treatment (EPSDT) comprehensive plan was developed for all children under 21. Freedom of choice , home , and community -based waivers were created in 1981. These waivers increased the flexibility of members to choose their own provider. Also in 1981 all states were required topay hospitals that were providing health care services to larger percentage of low income patients with extra funding to support their services. This change was meant to reduce the financial incentive for hospitals to limit the number of low income patients being treated. These are some of the adjustments that ensured that the intent of the program was maintained throughout Medicaid's history. It was not until 1982 that Medicaid became available in all 50 states. Throughout Medicaid's history there has been a conflict within each state on the role of government and health care. In the United States, health care is a ...

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    The solution discusses Medicare and Medicaid. It includes an overview a history of the two health care organizations and some challenges faced.