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The unabated continuation of the proliferation and fragmentation of the health professions.

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You have been asked to prepare a speech to deliver to an industry group about the following topic, "From the United States view": The unabated continuation of the proliferation and fragmentation of the health professions.

What are the desirable and undesirable aspects of this fragmentation?
Should actions be taken to slow or stop this trend? If so, what should be done and how can it be achieved?

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I take this on for you with some hesitation. The reason is simple: Yes I'm a member of the health professions, being a doctor of medicine, a specialist in medical oncology (medical cancer therapy), radiation therapy and radiation protection as well as a former military physician, a police surgeon and a medical examiner for the police. I have worked in university clinics as well as run my own private clinic, BUT I'm a European, a Swede NOT an American so I'm not sure I have the right perspective. Anyway I'm not here to write your speech for you that is something you will have to do yourself. I'm here to try to point out what you should cover in your speech. I hope I can do that from an American perspective in spite of being a Swede!

Medical science is advancing and progressing all the time due to advancement results in research. That has as a side effect that the volume of knowledge increases ...

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