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Discussing Cultural Competency Based Care

Discuss: Culturally competent care requires knowledge and understanding of specific cultural characteristics. Identify and discuss some organizational, professional, and personal barriers to providing culturally competent care in your area of nursing practice. What are some strategies that can be used to improve the cultural competence of the nurses in your area of practice?

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Culturally competent care is an important topic in health care. In order to get accurate information from the patient and be able to assist them in meeting whatever health goals are established, the patient must feel a sense of trust towards a provider. Understanding the specific culture that the patient associates with can help bridge this gap.

We explored this topic during one of my graduate courses. I happened to be in an ICU unit with a family member while working on this and had the opportunity to talk to the ICU nurses about their take on culture and care. One example they gave was quite interesting. The nurse suggested I ...

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This solution provides a brief discussion of cultural competent care and some of the barriers that can be experienced if the health care practitioner or facility is not well versed on the topic.