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Insight Into David Henry Hwang's Play, M. Butterfly

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How does David Henry Hwang's play, M. Butterfly, expose cultural and gender stereotypes?

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David Henry Hwang's play, M. Butterfly, is assessed for cultural and gender stereotypes.

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David Henry Hwang tells the story of a French diplomat who falls in love with a Chinese opera singer, whom he thinks is a woman but is really a male spy for the government. The play follows his memories of their time together as he relives them in the cell he is confined to, after the secret is revealed and he is humiliated. The story told in M. Butterfly's perspective reveals many stereotypes held by Eastern and Western cultures about each other, as well as those held between men and women.

Ethnic and national differences perform a large role in this play, which offers many comparisons between Eastern and Western cultures, tying them to differences between masculinity and femininity. Eastern women are assumed to be submissive, ...

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