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Police Discrimination Against Rape Victims

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Hodgson's article emphasizes the systemic nature of the police's discriminatory practices against women who are victims of sexual violence. How does this police discrimination reflect Schwartz and DeKeseredy's discussion of rape myths?

Maximum 500 words with reference note, like (Hodgson 174)
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In providing guidance for this posting, it appears that police discrimination reflects Schwartz and Dekeseredy's discussion on rape myths, due to the fact that the treatment that these victims received from police is nearly synonymous with the characteristics that are described within the discussion on rape myths. This is due to the fact that police seem to be very focused upon the circumstances in which the rape took place, and actually tend to utilize a form of questioning that seems to be largely directed at ascertaining the validity of the victim's claims. This within itself seems to start a discriminatory process that seems to focus a portion of the blame for the incident on the victim. What is sad about this situation, is the fact that the initial questioning of the alleged rape victim, seems to ...

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This solution discusses the detrimental effects of police discrimination against rape victims.

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