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    Television show review

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    This job models a review of a book, movie or television show. You are using persuasive writing. You are trying to "sell" the reader to agree with your viewpoint of the paper. It uses a popular show to showcase this genre of writing.

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    Please allow some of my models to help:

    As you select a show or book, you might choose the popular show, "So You Think You Can Dance," an interesting reality show.

    First, you might start with a great attention getter within your introduction to lure readers such as a question, "How many of you can distinguish a tango from a fox trot or a Viennese waltz from a modern dance piece?" As a result of the show, "So You Think You Can Dance," American viewers are more open-minded, artistic, and knowledgeable about the art and sport of dance.

    You then need to articulate your thesis. A possible thesis ...

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    Help is given by providing a sample television show review in the form of So You Think You Can Dance. Notes are provided to model a sample structure are examined for the viewpoints.