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Mairs: On Being a Cripple

The more i think about this, the less sure i am. this essay is a definition essay, defining cripple. The thesis, therefore, is to define cripple. The purpose is to show that even a cripple can live a rewading life, but the thesis is to define the meaning of cripple. I can't decide if the introduction is traditional (general to specific, containing the thesis as the last sentence) or non traditional. I would say it is traditional because it gives a general description of a clumsy person, doesn't just start with the definition, but the thesis sentence in a traditional intro should be the last sentence. The last sentence however is "I decided that it was high time to write the essay." What i think the thesis sentence is, the first (not last) sentece of the intro: "....i was thinking on writing any essay on being a cripple" SO, is it a traditional or non-traditional introduction? I have not attached the essay written by NANCY MAIRS. My question is if the essay has a traditional or non traditional introduction and why?
thank you.

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In my point of view,the introduction is non-traditional.
<br>Because Mairs first starts off, by explaining why she calls herself a cripple, rather than disabled. At this point in the essay the reader has no idea what sort of disability she has, but only that she is disabled. The explanation of her choice of crippled over disabled is put very bluntly, "Perhaps I want them to wince. I want them to see me as a tough customer, one to whom the fates/gods/viruses have not been kind, ...