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    General questions for Silas Marner

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    This is a general list of questions dealing with George Eliot's Silas Marner

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    1. What is Silas's reputation among the villagers of Raveloe when the novel opens? Why?
    2. Discuss themes found in this novel. Give examples to support your answer.
    3. Discuss Silas's life before arriving at Raveloe.
    4. How do other characters past and present treat Silas's trances?
    5. Why is Silas dismissed from Lantern Yard? How does this affect his character and his relations with those at Raveloe?
    6. Is Silas guilty of that of which he is accused? Explain.
    7. What is significant about Silas's routine at Raveloe?
    8. How does Silas feel when receiving his first payment in gold? To what does this lead?
    9. Discuss the role of superstition in this novel.
    10. Why does Silas hoard his gold?
    11. What is the prevailing attitude toward the Cass family?
    12. How does Godfrey feel about his younger brother? Why?
    13. What happens in the interview between Godfrey and Dunstan? What does Dunstan threaten?
    14. What course does ...

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    This is a list of general questions dealing with the Victorian novel, Silas Marner. The purpose of this solution is to help students remember important themes, events and details.