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    The Scarlet Letter

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    Please help with the following problem.

    Hawthorne begins with a very long introductory chapter entitled "The Custom House." From your reading of this chapter and the first eight chapters of the book, what purpose does "The Custom House" seem to serve? Justify your answer with specifics from the book.

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    First of all, as you examine and hypothesize some purposes for this long introduction, you might guess that it offers a plot frame to set up the novel's narrative. Please note how the narrator's comments about his incompetent coworkers seem to offer some foreshadowing of what the novel will encompass in terms of social connections among humans.

    For example, when the narrator remarks that there are fewer ships arriving in Salem, it seems to cleverly foreshadow that something eerie will happen in Salem to make it less desirable, thus also exposing and showing ...

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