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The Effects of Sound in Movies

Sound plays an important role in any movie, which is created to be shown on television or theater. List the various types of sounds you hear during a movie. What purpose does each serve? Provide examples of effective uses from films you remember. From these, discuss how sound manipulates audience reaction?

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There are many types of sounds that can be heard during a movie. Music is definitely an important sound during movies. The musical score of a movie can serve many purposes. For instance, if the audience is about to experience an action-packed scene in a movie, the music will most likely be an indication of what is to come. Fast music that is becoming increasingly loud may play in the background as an indicator of the action scene that is about to take place. In the same way, dramatic, deep, dark music can be indication of a thief or murderer who looming around the corner. In those instances music is being used to give the audience a hint about what ...

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The solution uses 478 words to describe some of the various types of sounds that can be heard in a movie, and how those sounds effect the audience.