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    Miller's Crucible and modern readers

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    The Crucible is Miller's most produced play.Why is is still relevant today? Show evidence from article out of The Los Angeles Times, "Ex-Colorado Professor Feels the Sting of McCarthyism, Betrayal ( March 09, 2003) by Jennifer Hamilton and the article out of The New York Times, "Rational and Irrational Fears Combine in Terrorism's Wake (October 2, 2001) by Erica Goode.

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    Miller's play is still highly relevant today because we reside in a world full of paranoia, anxiety, distrust, and political strife, as evident within the main themes of the plat. Hamilton (2003) asserts how "During the height of the 1950s Red Scare, ...

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    Two articles are briefly explicated to justify why Miller's play is still highly relevant today in 100 words.