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    Sample Business Document

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    Dear Dr. ......................

    I'm honored to have a business with. Since we are partners and my salary will be deducted from the profits we gain eventually. I suggest the following:

    Projects will be emailed to you on a weekly basis "every Sunday"

    We still may contact on a daily basis through whatsup platform, text message or phone.

    The effective start day for me to start to work with your society is Feb 1,2016. Any employment paperwork you need me to fill in or to complete please let's proceed the paperwork.

    Trail period for one month (February) with total salary of 6000

    The next month to the end of our project I would like to receive a total monthly salary of 8000.

    I'll send you the business model on Jan 31. The business model will be considered as a "sample work" that reflect the quality of the work and my extreme effort. Free of charge.

    If you like my sample work (product), shall we proceed.

    Deal. ?

    Thanks for your business.

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    Dear Dr. ......................
    I am honored and appreciative of the business opportunity between the two of us. Since we will be business partners and my salary ...

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