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The World Without Humans

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Write a response exploring the idea that nature didn't make the wonderful mistake of creating humans. What do you think the world would look like without us? Would another species have evolved into our place? Would the environment be different? Describe what the earth would look like without humans, providing logical explanations for how this came about.

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What would the world look like without us?

Have you ever wondered what a world without humans would look like? Close your eyes and try to imagine a world free of pollution, violence, overcrowding, and the greed that lead to all of these. Try to imagine a desolate earth or one where only animals existed, in harmony with nature. In their quest for survival, human activities have done wonders, but have also been directly responsible for much of earth's devastation.
The natural environment plays an important part in the role of life of humans. The environment provides a continuous food supply, both naturally and when used in conjunction with man's horticultural knowledge. It is also an energy source, a source for ...

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The world without humans is examined. The expert describes what the earth would look like without humans. Logical explanations is determined.

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