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The Pursuit of Happiness

Help with "What is Happiness?" is given.

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As you formulate your own ideas for your essay, I have provided several sample pieces for you to use as a lens for exploration. I have integrated coaching dialogue into the samples within parenthesis to guide you with your essay.

The first article derives from http://mainejobs.mainetoday.com/lifeworks/003241.shtml

How Do We Define Happiness?

(Examine the use of a question to gauge the reader's attention. Try to integrate a creative title into your essay.)

On my recent flight back from France, the New York Times supplement to Le Monde front-page article, "Pursuing Happiness in a Complex World", caught my eye.

(Notice how the author uses a story to gain the reader's attention. Try to also use an attention getter to lure readers into your essay. )

It focused on the small Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan. While many countries, including the U.S., equate their national well being with its measure of consumer confidence, or gross domestic product (G.D.P.), Bhutan has embarked on a campaign to broaden the scope of its public welfare and national happiness to include many other factors.

Since King Wangchuck of Bhutan noted that nations that concerned themselves primarily with economic growth were experiencing an array of serious problems, he decided on another approach and has established his country's priority its G.N.H. or "gross national happiness". (The thesis statement articulates the main point clearly and concisely.) Bhutan's goals for G.N.H. include: a balance of prosperity across society, preserving cultural traditions, protecting the environment, and maintaining a responsive government.

(A clever way to compose an essay is to use the comparison/contrast method.)

Even though Bhutan is a nation of only 750,000 people (about the same as San ...

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