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    Purpose and Focus of a Formal Report

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    1.) I need to identify the topic for a formal report. Explain how this topic could address a problem or situation in an organization. Who would be the audience for this report? What benefits might they receive from the research and report?

    2.) Collecting Data for the Formal Report

    I have to identify the type of data that would be useful in demonstrating the need for or the value of this formal report to an organization. How would the research for this report be done?

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    A formal report is a report that must inform others of important information or convince others of a needed action in an organization. In a formal report, it is necessary to present well-researched facts and figures to support the results of the report. But just presenting facts and figures is not really helpful. What is important are the results that these facts and figures represent.

    For example, in a business, a report might be a sales report for the year to date. This would be addressed to upper management to inform them of the vital sales figures, representing the growth and health of the company. From this report, they would understand if sales are increasing or not, which product categories and lines are ...

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