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Why Do Physical Laws Not Apply to the Gods?

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In many myths, the rules and physical laws do not seem to apply to the gods. For example, gods marry their siblings, fathers give birth through their foreheads, mothers swallow their children, and so on. From your readings, identify three other examples of improbable, fantasy, or make-believe elements gods enacted. Why are these acceptable in the context of a myth?

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There are so many of these to choose from.
I'm going to keep this to Greek myth and the world of the Titans.
Let's briefly describe the three examples of supernatural acts by gods:

1. Atlas the Titan - The sources are often conflicted here. As a Titan, of course, he was at war with the Gods. In one version, in his defeat, he was forced to bear the weight of the world on his shoulders. He is also said that he causes the stars and planets to move. Then, according to a later story, he was turned into a mountain by Perseus with the head of Medusa.

2. Kronos, also a Titan - their king. Kronos was a sworn enemy of the Gods. He was ruler of the world during the 'golden age' and is considered the god of time. This means, however, ...

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