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Participial and Absolute Phrases

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Combine each of the following pairs of sentences by turning one setence into a participial phrase or an absolute phrase. Underline the participial phraes and absolute phraes in your rewritten sentences. I am having trouble with a few of these.
1. The braider repeats the process with the right strand. The braider contines the braid. (participial)
2. One can make an interesting pattern. One chooses the colors for the strands. (participial)
3. The braider works acrss from edge to edge. the braider makes one kind of pattern. (participial)
I have lots of thse to do but I need these for samples.thank you.

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The participial and absolute phrases are examined. The standard of sentences are given.

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The participial phrase is put within double quotes (" ") since the underlining won't show up properly in Brain Mass Response window.

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