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    Is the Georgia Lottery beneficial or harmful?

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    Need some ideas to write a diagnostic essay on the topic: Is the Georgia Lottery beneficial or harmful? 500 words and Pros, and Cons.


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    Is the Georgia Lottery beneficial or harmful?

    This is actually a very good question, and one that will make an interesting essay! I went ahead and did some research for you and found the pros and cons of the Georgia lottery. I hope this information is helpful for you when you go to write your paper. I also provided the citations that I used at the bottom. Let us begin with the pros.

    The Georgia Lottery is an entity that contributes heavily to fund education for citizens of the state. In fact according to The Lottery Insider, Georgia Lottery contributes an average of one-million dollars a day to fund programs such as pre-kindergarten programs, loan forgiveness programs, to buy computers for schools, and to fund scholarships for college students. Considering that there are 365 days per year that is a lot of money being given to good causes in the state. With students receiving these funds, their educational opportunities expand ...

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    The expert determines whether Georgia lottery is beneficial or harmful.