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    Annotate and summarize literal meaning a passage

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    Annotate and summarize literal meaning of following passage.

    Every woman's dream is to find the perfect spouse and setle down for life, right? Although this may be the dream of some, it doesn't reflect reality, according to a recent analysis of census data. Based on this analysis, the New York Times reported that, for the first time in history, most U.S women are single ("51% of Women are Now Living Without Spouse," 16 Jan, 2007; reported by Sam Roberts). Specifically, in 2005, 51 percent of women reported being unmarried, up from 49% in 2000 and 35% in 1950.
    The Times and other media sources have pointed to several factors behind the shift, including the fact that women are waiting longer to get married. "We don't need men anymore," said 29 year old New York City resident Jessica Chen in an interview with CBS News. As Chen explained, " I mean we want men, we want someone to share everything with, but I don't think we need to rush."
    Other women are choosing to live with partners instead of marrying. Many divorced women are staying single or delaying marriage. As divorced Baltimore attorney Catherine Flynn told MSNBC, " I get to make the choices myself about where I live, how I live, how I decorate my house" (Watch Out, Men! More Women Opt to Live Alone," 16 Jan 2007, reported by Jan Fratangelo). And in another trend behind the shift, women are living longer as widows.
    Social commentators who have studied marriage trends say that women today simply have more choices than were available in past generations. Many are financially independent and are even willing to raise children on their own. Freed from the need to find someone to support them as soon as possible, these women can take more times to find a partner with whom they are emotionally, intellectually and spiritually compatible. But even then, they might not marry such a man, as the Times story shows.

    Annotate passage. Also, looking for summarization of literal meaning of text.

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    The summary is pretty clear. More women in America have chosen not to be married than in past years. Some women choose to live single or with a partner, and other women choose to stay single following the end of a marriage. Economic freedom, greater longevity and wider societal and emotional choices have ...

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    Annotate and summarize literal meaning of following passage.