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Value of information

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The advent of the Internet and, more specifically, the World Wide Web, has changed the concept of the value of information. Much information that used to be charged for (e.g., product catalogs and technical papers) is now free at the click of a mouse button. Other information that was normally free (e.g., magazine and newspaper articles that could be copied for personal use), now has a fee attached. In addition, we now have significant litigation on-going as to the consumers' rights to authored works, such as songs, pictures, and books. What do you believe should be your rights as a consumer to information on the Internet?

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This is purely opinion but I think personally for me, I believe that there is a line between public use information and copyright infringement.

I belief that line is crossed not from the product itself but the purpose of the individual use for the person using it.

For example, if it is a song that is put on the net by the company itself, people should be able to download it at no fee. However, if someone buys a copy of ...

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