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Their Eyes Are Watching God plot notes

1) How would you characterize the change Janie undergoes after Joe dies?

2) How does Janie's behavior develop after Joe's death?

3) How does Janie's characteristics develop after Joe's death?

4) How does this help develop the reader's understanding of her character?

5) How do these developments relate to the reader's understanding of African American literature and its themes?

6) What do you think Janie would have been like and how would the story have developed differently if Joe hadn't died?

I am looking for examples from the text to help me understand why this part of the book is so relevant to Janie's character, the plot, and the reader's understanding of African American literature.

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1. Joe's death deeply affects Janie because she is finally free of his abuse and oppression of her. Evidence that their union becomes sour occurs with Janie's statement in chapter 4, "Long before the year was up, Janie noticed that her husband had stopped talking in rhymes to her." Romance is gone and his ego and lust for power and money change him.

His sexist attitude is evident as he states in chapter 5, "Thank yuh fuh yo' compliments, but mah wife don't know
nothin' 'bout no speech-makin'. Ah never married her for nothin' lak dat. She's uh
woman, and her place is in de home.'"

2. She becomes more vocal, more active socially, more loving and faithful, more ...

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