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The settings in "Their Eyes Were Watching God"

1) Which ONE of the the three different locations/settings in "Their Eyes Were Watching God" would be considered the most relevant to the novel and why?

2) What is the significance of this setting?

3) How does this setting serve to develop the reader's understanding and appreciation of African American literature?

4) How can this be supported with evidence from the text?

5) Why is this setting the most interesting?

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1) Although I truly deem all the different locations/settings as essential since they help to define Janie's self identity and newfound freedoms, I offer a few ideas. Since all settings allow her to go on her journey literally as well as symbolically racially, personally, emotionally, spiritually, I feel that each place affects her uniquely. However, I would select Eatonville as the most critical setting since it seems to literally and symbolically frame the story and her sense of self revelation.

If you do not like that idea, another angle for you to explore might be using chapter fourteen in the Everglades on Lake Okechobee. Since it is a Native American place, it is aligned with re-captivating what was taken by the whites as a symbolic place for both Indians and blacks. It also helped give peace with a return to the ...

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