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Reed Slatkin's 15 year Ponzi scheme destroys many lives

I need to summarize the video Epsiode #10: Stealing $$$ From Scientologists & The Art of Fraud from American greed by CNBC. The video talks about Reed Slatkin.

I have to make analysis paper of this video so I need timeline and specific number of date and money.

I also would like to know how he did Ponzi scheme, and other crimes which is told in this video (stealing, fraud, money laundry and tort)

I need "Stealing $$$ From Scientologists" part. Here is the URL.

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I have made an incomplete transcript of "Stealing $$$ from Scientologists," a portion of an episode from the CNBC television documentary series American Greed. This episode focuses on con man Reed Slatkin. I would advise picking out key details and focusing on those in your summary and analysis. I have included all numbers and dates mentioned in the video to the best of my knowledge. The video was transcribed from:

Reed Slatkin: "I just remember the day that I was sitting down there, looking at the of requests, and then I ... I knew I was done."

Narrator: "In 2004, 55 year old Reed Slatkin tells all. The former hot shot investment advisor has been living a lie for 15 years, and now the truth is out."

Slatkin: "I did not intend not to pay investor A when I used investor A's money to pay investor B. The money was going to investor's as fast as I could get it, but I was taking it in fraudulently of course."

Narrator: "Slatkin confesses to operating one of the nations largest scams, pulling in more than 600 million dollars from his investors.... It's a dramatic fall from grace for a man who once tried to live an honest and noble life."

Slatkin became ordained minister in Los Angeles in 1974. He spent summers in England studying under the religion's founder, Elron Hubbard. He found the religion after his father's death.

Narrator: "But in his mid 30s with a family to provide for, Slatkin is looking for more in life, he discovers a higher calling, the stock market." He believed he could make a pretty good living with investments. "In 1984, Slatkin moved to Santa Barbara, where he sets up shop. He transforms the garage of his home into a make-shift investment office, and begins his new life as a trader. Soon, Slatkin begins investing for a handful of friends from the ...

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A transcript of the CNBC documentary "Stealing from Scientologists" from the American Greed series is provided with all reported dates and financial figures to aid those writing papers exploring Reed Slatkin's scam. Some brief parts of the show are summarized, but all quotes are attributed. The video was transcribed from: