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Rebuilding Corporate Image

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You have recently been promoted to the position of Communications Director for XYZ Corporation. A recent explosion in one of your plants has left XYZ in turmoil. As a leader, your task is to develop and present to your management, an external relations strategy for rebuilding XYZ Corporation's corporate image. Include how you will address the needs of the stakeholders, as well as how you will address the news media as you lead the recovery from this crisis.

In addition to outlining your strategy, your presentation should include a discussion addressing why/how you feel that your strategy will accomplish the goal of rebuilding the corporate image.

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The external relations strategies for rebuilding XYZ are determined.

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See attached. This should get you started. I hope it helps. Thanks for thinking of me and let me know if you need help in the future.

HERE IS WHAT YOUR STRATEGY SHOULD LOOK LIKE (Note that you should include items which you have learned from the course)
Presentation to Management
I. Addressing the media
a. Provide accurate information to the media
1. Contact all media—TV, newspapers, internet sources
b. First discuss the human element
1. How many people were injured
2. What the company will do to make sure families have all the information
3. Make sure the media understands the company will do everything in its power to help those who have been injured
4. Discuss the possibilities for why ...

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