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    proposal for a paper with a problem-solution structure

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    Remember you are planning a problem-solution paper. Include in your proposal the problem you wish to solve, a list of possible reasons that the problem exists (these may change as you do your actual research), and your proposed solution. The proposal should be fairly detailed.

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    You are asked to write a proposal for a paper with a problem-solution structure. This is just one of many different ways to arrange your ideas, and it resembles a question-answer method. I am going to give you a problem as an example only, and I'll brainstorm some of the reasons why this problem probably exists, and I'll tell you later what the solutions I suggest are. In the instructions you were given, you've been requested to write one to two paragraphs. Because of the method you are asked to use, and in order to organize you ideas better, I suggest you use one paragraph to state the problem, and a second one to suggest solutions.

    Let us say I want to write on the following topic: "Domestic Violence". Sometimes people like to start out by analyzing the term or expression itself. For instance, in this case, there are still many people who are unable to grasp the concept of something as extreme as "violence" in the context of a home or family, which is ...

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