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Learning how to write an expository essay

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How do I write an expository essay about how the stereotypes on homeless people aren't always true?

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The following posting helps with a problem regarding English language and literature. This solution discusses how to write an expository essay about the stereotypes on homeless people. A step by step explanation is given in 392 words.

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Problem: How do I write an expository essay about how the stereotypes on homeless people aren't always true?

The National Coalition for the Homeless provides an excellent list of "Facts about Homelessness" at their Internet site. The main page is < http://www.nationalhomeless.org/ >, and the fact sheets link is
< http://www.nationalhomeless.org/facts.html >. The available fact sheets include the following titles: "Why Are People Homeless?"; "How Many People Experience Homelessness?"; and "Who is Homeless?"

Keep in mind that the purpose of an EXPOSITORY essay is to convey ...

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