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Fleeberville Scenario

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This solution imagines that you are an activist, community organizer, and communication expert who has recently decided to make Fleeberville your permanent home. It further evaluates the success or failure of your efforts.

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First, please examine the task in terms of networks. In order to seek higher levels of productivity among the citizens, networks must improve. One way to facilitate change is to ensure that citizens share common values and norms. Town meetings, community newsletters, a city website, and other modes must be utilized in order to perpetuate commonalities. Citizens must feel connected through shared stories and rituals. Creating family fun nights, international days, and other common relationship builders would help to improve this area. Another idea is to create situations that require a certain degree of reciprocity to enhance the organizational communication of the city. Events where business people collaborate with schools and computer personnel work with plumbers on a float for a parade would enhance this reciprocity. These informal team building approaches would allow people the opportunity to leave their isolated neighborhoods and share in a common goal.

It seems as if people feel uncomfortable communicating within the community. Presenting them with social opportunities to begin dialoguing is a great step.

Before they begin serious professional collaborations such as cleaning up the lake, clothing the homeless, and sponsoring a school, they must be given a chance to find common grounds and get to know each other on a personal level through fun, laid back, and more leisurely activities such as fairs, neighbor night, and other events.

How would you evaluate the success or failure of your efforts?

One idea is to implement a before and after attendance log to track data. You could provide ...