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    EOHS Management

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    Draw on relevant theories and examples from organizations or in own experience. Can also devise hypothetical examples if it helps to illustrate points.

    1 Compare and contrast two theories of motivation. Are financial rewards still the best motivator of human beings at work?

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    "I want more money." "I want more status." "I just want recognition." There are various reasons as to what motivates individuals when it comes to work. Just as there are many reasons, there are just as many theories of motivation. Though many may think Frederick Winslow Taylor's Theory of Scientific Management, which argues that pay is the biggest motivation, is the most accurate, in contrast both Abraham Maslow's and Elton Mayo's theories for motivation come closer to providing more arguable reasons people might be motivated to work.
    When thinking of motivations, many may immediately think of Frederick Winslow Taylor's theory. Sure, money can be a motivation, but should not be seen as the most fundamental theory. "Taylor believed that all workers were motivated by money, so he promoted the idea of "a fair day's pay for a fair day's work." (Mindtools.com). According to Taylor's theory, to work less than your best was to mean making less than your normal pay. If you could not complete enough in a day, or as much as your co-worker, you should not be paid the same, but instead receive less. This seems seriously unfair because there may be some days when some co-workers simply outshine their counterparts. There could also be an instance where a worker is sick, but not able to take off work. They show up anyway, showing dedication and the desire to keep their job. Their performance may not be up to par for that day, but does that mean their pay should be docked? One would not normally think so.
    In contrast to Taylor's theory of motivation, what seems to be one of the more accurate and more thought provoking theories is Elton Mayo's Hawthorne Studies. Mayo presented the idea "workers are not just concerned ...

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