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Criminal Justice Professional Communication

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These areas are briefly covered:

Choose two types of crininal justice professionals of interest to you , and write a 200-300- word description of the following: The communication barriers these professionals may face when communicating with one another or with their clients. Some possible strategies to overcome these barriers. (I have chosen a forensic examiner and a hostage negotiator)

Recognize the importance of communication in the field of criminal justice. Write a 350- 700- word paper describing the following: The commnication process model. Differences between the four major communication styles. Benefits of using particular communication styles. The importance of the communication process in law enforcement.

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Help with communication styles within this field are brainstormed and explored with links to supplement.

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Please allow some of my ideas to guide you. Although we are not allowed to write full essays for clients, my notes will offer some starting points:

First, you might examine the challenges that forensics examiners, hostage negotiators, and all law enforcement personnel face on a daily basis in terms of nationality and language barriers. You might look at Spanish or Arabic in particular within these contexts. Please note how the article, "Police lines: Crossing the Language Barrier" at http://www.policeone.com/news/1227386/, describes how Spanish's popularity and increasingly usage poses problems for this type of workers. Research finds that "while debates about language and immigration issues may rage, more and more emergency personnel are deciding to take a proactive approach to facing the issue - by learning the Spanish language" (http://www.policeone.com/news/1227386).

Based on these language complications, it makes the jobs more complex and even more risky. Research suggests ...

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