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Classroom Presentation Tips

My last presentation didn't go very well and my mark suffered. Now I have to do another presentation in class and am worried about how it will go.

What things need to be considered when doing classroom presentations?

What will the teacher be looking for when I present to my class?

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Presentation Tips:

Many people (and not just students) find presentations difficult. However, the ability to present comfortably (or at least appear to do so) is an important life skill.

The most important point for you to remember leading up to your presentation is to PRACTICE. If you are doing your presentation for the first time on the day of your class presentation, you are making things considerably more difficult for yourself.

PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! Practice out loud to yourself; do it in front of a mirror. Present to your family. Do it in front of a friend, then a group of friends. ...

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This is a list of suggestions for students who are making a presentation in class. It covers relaxation, eye contact, voice, and preparation.