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What to bring and what to wear to a forensics tournament

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For many first-time forensics competitors, attending your first tournament can be nerve-wracking. This solution will include: what to bring, what to wear, and how to handle the schedule for your first tournament.

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The expert determines what to bring and what to wear to a forensic tournament.

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You can usually tell who the first-timers are at a forensics tournament. Since you will know what most green competitors look like, you can be more aware of your own actions and avoid falling into that same trap.

Every forensics tournament is usually hosted by a high school or college and the rounds take place in a typical classroom, similar to the rooms you already learn in at your own school.

The Typical Schedule

A forensics tournament schedule can vary from tournament to tournament - knowing the exact time each round begins is up to you to find out. Usually, there are two or three preliminary rounds (each competitor gets to compete against 4 or 5 other competitiors in one classroom).

Before you start the first preliminary round, take a moment to see how much time you are given between each round. Is it thirty minutes, or five minutes? Give yourself a chance to plan how you will handle the time you are given. If you are running behind, don't run to your room - walk. Keep your breathing deep and regulated so it won't affect your performance (Have you ever tried to act or give a speech when you are out of breath? Not a good idea!). Remember, the judges want to see your very best. If they must wait an extra minute or two for you to prepare yourself physically, that's fine.

Essential Items to Bring

Above everything else, bring a bottle ...

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