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Aristotle's five types of political oratory

The five types of political oratory as described by Aristotle.

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1) Ways and Means (in today's terms, taxation/fundraising)
2) War and Peace (in today's terms, issues of wartime and preparation for war, etc.)
3) National defence (in today's terms, national security)
4) imports and exports (in today's terms, trade)
5) legislation (laws)

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1) Ways and Means--Essentially, Aristotle advocated a rather "flat" means of speaking in terms of finding taxation. He believed that individuals should analyze, discover, and revise all of the different ways that leaders raise money. In essence, by raising only the money that is necessary, a leader will have power in delivering his oratory. An example of this might be in the debate over taxation today. We have sales taxes and income taxes, but our society is becoming more of a services-oriented culture (in ...

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This solution lists and describes Aristotle's 5 types of political oratory.