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    Alymer's obsession in Hawthorne's text

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    Analyze the nature of Aylmer's obsession. What does Georgianna's birthmark seem to symbolize to him? What does he fail to understand about his wife and life in general? Does this story still have relevance in our modern world?

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    The obsession of Aylmer lies in his pursuit of perfection in nature. What he fails to see is that what is 'natural' in nature, is in itself perfect and cannot be improved upon. He is a lover of science because he sees himself as loving nature and attempting to understand it's origins and forces. He has made many discoveries through his study of nature. However, he is not satisfied with this, - he wants to control nature and convert it to his will and his idea of perfection.

    Georgianna's birthmark consciously symbolizes imperfection to him. It is the one flaw that is recognized on an otherwise perfect and unblemished cheek. ...

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    Alymer's obsession in his pursuit of perfection in nature is discussed in terms of Hawthorne's text.