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Steam Cycles: Two Stage Turbine and Cycle Efficiency

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Steam is supplied to a two-stage turbine at 40 bar and 350°C. It expands in the first turbine until it is dry saturated, then it is reheated to 350°C and expanded through the second-stage turbine. The condenser pressure is 0.035 bar. Calculate the work output and the heat supplied per kg steam for the plant assuming ideal processes. Calculate also the cycle efficiency.

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The cycle efficiency and work output of a two-stage turbine are calculated. The solution is detailed and well presented.

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Rankine Cycle - Net Power, Thermal Efficiency and Heat Transfer

Water is the working fluid in a vapor power cycle with reheat, superheat and reheat.

Superheated steam enters the first turbine stage at 8 MPa, 480 C and expands to 0.7 MPa. It then is reheated to 480 C before entering the second turbine stage, where it expands to the condenser pressure of 8 KPa. The mass flow rate of steam entering the first turbine stage is 2.63*10^5 Kg/h. Each turbine stage operates with an isentropic efficiency of 58%. The pump operates with an efficiency of 80%.

Determine the net power developed, the cycle thermal efficiency and the rate of heat transfer to the cooling water passing through the condenser.

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