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    Power Electronics and Snuber Circuit

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    I need help breaking this problem down. We DO NOT use MATLAB or Spice. The JPEG shows the entire problem with the given sets. Can anyone show me the correct set?

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    Actually, the mentioned circuit is a snuber circuit for the protection of SCR. After solving the equations you can find out the values of Cs and Rs in terms of t and R1 which is series resistance connected after switch. Actually, (dv/dt)max and (di/dt)max should be given which is missed in the given data. Also, switching frequency is absent which determines the value of t.


    Actually this circuit is a snubber protection circuit.

    When the switch is on and the gate ...

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    This solution provides in 261 words a description and diagram of a snubber protection circuit, along with calculations for the slope of the load voltage response and damping ratio. The solution is attached as a .doc file.