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    Complex Power of a Load

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    Calculate S, the complex power of a load (in rectangular form), given the following data:
    Vrms = 220 V, P = 1kW, magnitude of Z = 40 ohm (inductive).

    a. S = 2000 - j150.3 VA
    b. S = 1000 + j681.2 VA
    c. S = 2000 - j681.2 VA
    d. S = 1000 - j150.3 VA

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    From the load prospective, we have the following relationship between voltage, current, and load impedance:

    From the question, we know Vrms = 220V
    |Z| = 40 Ohm ...

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    This solution contains contains step-by-step calculations to determine the complex power of the load using the concepts of apparent power and complex power.