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    Tank Problem

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    Given the tank as shown with 60cm of crude oil (S,G = 0.86) on top 200cm of water, both at 50 degree C. Barometric (atmospheric) pressure is 760 mmHg (absolute).

    a) Determine the gage pressure at point A. (kPa (absolute))

    b) Determine the absolute pressure at Point A (kPa (absolute))

    c) Determine the height (h) of water in the column. (cm)

    d) Determine the kinematic viscosity of the crude oil (m^2/s)

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    (a) Gauge Pressure = Poil + Pwater = h ρ g for oil + h ρ g for water = 0.60*860*9.81 + 2*1000*9.81 = ...

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