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Fluid Dynamics Pressure Studies: Pressurized Tank Underwater

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Please refer to two attachments for full details including diagram.

Phase 1

Valve A, B, and E are closed.
Tank A and B are separated and each sealed from the atmosphere.
Tank A initially has 3' of air @ 40 psi
Tank C and Tank B initially contain air @ 32.476 psi
Pipe K is 12" id; initial air pressure is 32.476 psi

Phase 2

Valve A, Valve B and Valve E are opened.
1. Will the combined pressure in Tank A push ALL the air in Tank C into Tank B?
2. If the answer for #1 is yes what changes take place in the following?
Valves A, B and E are closed when All air is pushed out from Tank C.
a. What changes take place in Tank C?
b. What changes take place in Tank B?
c. Are there any other notable changes from the original Phase 1?
d. What changes take place in Tank A?
1. What changes take place with the 3' of air @40psi?

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Solution Summary

This solution discusses fluid dynamics pressure studies.

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