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    Reactant (Limiting and excess)

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    A problem has been attached concerning a rector problem and the limiting reactant and excess reactant. I have some idea how to approach the problem, but would like confirmation. Please include work and explanation. Thx.

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    If you feed 10.0g of N2 gas and 10.0g of H2 into a reactor to make ammonia (NH3):
    a. What is the limiting reactant?
    First write the balanced chemical reaction equation:
    N2 + 3H2  2NH3
    Secondly, find the respective moles given the masses of N2 and H2.
    For N2: its molecular mass is 28 g/mol, then 10.0 g of N2 is
    (10.0 g) / (28g/mol) = 0.357 mol
    For H2, its molecular mass is 2 g/mol, then ...

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