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    Manufacturing Processes

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    Please answer the following questions:
    Certain manufacturing processes have the following characteristics described below.

    Please characterize the process in terms of : Type of process, state of workpiece material and the type of process energy used.

    1. A metal is cast into a mold and solidifies
    2. A metal bar is reduced from 2.5 in diameter to 1.5 in diameter
    3. Two steel bars are welded together
    4. A nickel alloy is joined to a steel alloy at a temperature below their respective melting points
    5. A nickel coating is electrochemically deposited on to a steel substrate
    6. A polymer + curing agent is forced into a spherical die and cured
    7. An aluminum alloy casting is solution treated, quenched and aged
    8. A hot gas torch is used to remove a square section from a larger sheet of steel
    9. A nickel coin is produced via a stamping operation
    10. A steel surface is exposed to a high temperature mixture of methane and hydrogen gas
    11. A plasma sprayed coating is deposited on to a nickel alloy blade
    12. A threaded bolt is produced in a lathe

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